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About the ARTA Site
Listing your property in our database.
All basic listings in the ARTA database are free and we attempt to maintain the largest and most accurate database of accommodation and tourism services available on-line.
Each day the 'Aussie Traveller' and 'ARTA' sites get over 20,000 visitors from all over the world, around 50% of these are from within Australia. All are looking for travel information.
Because the site has been established since 1992, we have links from all search engines and countless other sites. To check where people are linked from you should type, '', or '', into any search engine and see how many returns come back, (usually hundreds) and follow a few of the ones which are not direct links to our own pages.
Getting Found
The ease of using the ARTA database is one of its greatest features. All a visitor needs to do is select the 'Search' button and a menu appears. From this they simply type in the town or search criteria to find Accommodation, Tours, Information Centres, Attractions, Netcafes, etc.
There are some 300,000 listings in different categories on the site and we break the search categories down so the search engine does not have to sift through unnecessary data and will work more efficiently and faster.
For example, choosing 'Victorian Accommodation' will direct the search facility to a database of 3,500 properties in Victoria.
Entering a town name or some other data into the form boxes will then quickly find the data you are looking for.
A search on 'Melbourne' using only the town field will return 327 properties, selecting 'Motels' as well will only return 154 properties. Listings appear alphabetically so if you are called 'Superior Motel', you will appear around page 8 or 9.
Advertisers on the site who have additional features added to their listing get a 'space' put in front of their name for each option they select. A space reads above any letter and ensures they appear at the top of the list, before the normal alphabetical sequence. If you have a link to your home page you get one space, if you also have a link to download a brochure from our ftp server you get 2 spaces, etc.
The more options you take the higher up the list you appear.
Advertising Options
The following options can be added to your Free listing. (Click any button for an example.)
Your FREE listing is for one category. You can list in additional categories for $15.00 ea. a year.
The 'More' button opens a home page on our server in a new window with additional information about your property. This can include your email address and a home page link.
The 'Home' button provides a direct link to your own home page which opens in a new page over the top of the search results page.
The 'Brochure' button provides a direct link to our ftp site where visitors can download your brochure directly into their computer in PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader') format to peruse at their leisure.
The 'SeeMap' button will open a map with your location marked on it by a square around the spot where you are, and a dot on the map in your exact location. The map is one of the full series of maps and is clickable.
To see these options at work click the button at the left.

This is a sample of how your listing can be enhanced.
Advertising Rates - ANNUAL FEE - Prices Include GST
EXTRA LISTING$ 15.00N/AListing in extra category
MORE INFO BUTTON$99.00$100.00* See note 1 below
GET BROCHURE BUTTON$99.00$100.00* See note 1 below
SEE MAP BUTTON$99.00$100.00* See note 1 below
FULL PACKAGE OF ABOVE$198.00$200.00* See note 2 below
LOGO DISPLAY$99.00N/A* See note 4 below
Note 1. The 'More Info', 'See Map' and 'Brochure' buttons attract a once-off art and set-up fee the first time we prepare the artwork. This fee is $100.00 if you send us a good quality colour brochure which we can scan to get the photographs, or give us a web address where we can download them, and, if you send the text for the brochure or ad attached to an email.
The price above is for a DL brochure (20x10cm.) similar to the example seen by clicking the button, larger displays will attract a higher fee.
If we have to chase photographs or do extensive typing and layout, the job will attract a higher fee.
Note 2. The 'Full Package' includes all the above and all artwork and liasson for $198.00 per year.
A dual email set up ensures we can monitor your email and we will check you know when bookings are in your email folder.
Note 3. You can now have your chain logo appear next to your listing. Just let us know which chain you are in and we will activate the logo. If you are not in a chain we can place a 'preferred' or 'recommended' logo next to your listiing.
All listings with logos appear at the top of the search results for the town searched on.