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Copyright Permission and Licensing

Wilkins Tourist Maps is a producer of copyright maps, information, photographs and other printed and electonic material related to Australia. All material contained in these pages is produced and generated by us, for our own use and is copyright.

Some material on this site can be licensed for the use of third parties through a license agreement to use that material for a fee. MAPS: All maps are copyright of Wilkins Tourist Maps except maps of New South Wales where a joint copyright exists with NSW Lands Department who own the base map.

Maps can be purchased for use on your own site at various prices according to a scale set at $1,00 per kb plus GST. This fee applies for a 12 month period when a 10% renewal fee is payable. New and updated maps and indexes will be supplied at this time. This guarantees the maps on your site will never be more than 12 months out of date.

No unauthorised or unlicensed use of the maps is permitted and any breach of copyright will result in prosecution. Licenses are for use of the map or maps on one site only. Maps are also available for printing and publishing at higher resolutions.
A scale of sizes and costs will be found Here.

Linking to maps on our site is currently permitted and it is required the following code be included on the page under the map link. 'This map is produced by the Australian Registry of Tourism & Accommodation. For mapping of all Australia go to' A link to the ARTA site must be included in the code and we must be informed of any links.

All photographs, (except where accredited), are copyright of Wilkins Tourist Maps and must not be used or altered digitally or in any other way for reproduction on any web site, or in any publication, without permission or license. Copies of photographs are available for use on other sites by arrangement under annual license. Fees range from $5.00 per annum to around $20.00 per annum and are set at $.50 per kb. plus 10% GST. Most photographs are digitally watermarked for identification.

All stories, text, databases, information and summaries in these pages are copyright of Wilkins Tourist Maps (unless otherwise credited) and may not be printed or reproduced without permission or license. All material in these pages has been compiled through personal knowledge, visits or submission and has been written and compiled by our staff. Permission to use or link to some information may be gained under license. To apply for permission to use or buy copyright material please use The Copyright Form for enquiries and cost.

NSW Lands Department
The New South Wales mapping and Information service based in Bathurst. Most New South Wales maps on this site are a joint copyright between NSW Lands Department and Wilkins Tourist Maps Pty Ltd. NSW Lands Department own the base map copyright and Wilkins Tourist Maps Pty Ltd own the graphic copyright. Any unauthorised use of any of these maps will result in prosecution.

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