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Statistics for Our Websites

Wilkins Tourist Maps Pty. Ltd operates 2 major web sites both rated in Australia's Top 1,000. at around 400 and at around 800 (June 2007). Details can be made available by emailing us your request.

  • In the week ending 30/5/07 This site received 60,450 individual visitors.
  • At any time of the day or night there will be at least 50 visitors on this site, usually over 100.
  • This site receives over 3,000,000 visitors a year, or 250,000 per month.
  • This site, and our sister site, The Aussie Traveller receive similar visitations. Combined these total over 120,000 individual visitors each week. We are the largest Australian travel site on the internet with nearly 1 gigabyte of available information.
  • Each week we receive over 200 email enquiries. Of these, 100 are enquiries about tours and accommodation.

  • Visitors to our sites comprise roughly 50% from overseas with 25% of those from the USA. The other 50% are from Australia with a small proportion of those from New Zealand.
  • The Aussie Traveller web site, along with the G'Day site (then Australia Government), was the first Australian travel site on the web, created in 1992.
  • ARTA and the Aussie Traveller combined have among the largest visitations, with the lowest advertising rates of Australian travel information sites on the internet.
  • We specialise only in tourism and mapping.

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